Peace of Mind™

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Declaration of Conformity

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Declaration of Conformity HeadPeace Declaration of Conformity MindPeace

Limited Warranty

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Limited Warranty

Instruction for Use

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Instruction for Use HeadPeace / Instruction for Use MindPeace

HeadPeace and MindPeace are manufactured out of Texray™ that is a patented technology platform and constitutes a woven and breathable textile with attenuating capacity and protects the user from harmful radiation. The textile allows vapor transport due to the properties of Texray. The CE mark shows that the products meet the essential safety and performance requirements for personal protection equipment (PPE). HeadPeace 0.25 mm Pb and MindPeace 0.35 mm Pb complies with IEC 61331:2014 and is certified in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/425.


Dr. Florian Wolf

Peace of Mind™

A recent study demonstrates that a combination of Texray novel protectors efficiently reduces brain exposure by an additional 75-97% when compared to standard head and thyroid protectors.1 

The bundle package includes 1 HeadPeace and 1 MindPeace, for maximum protection. (Recommended).

1X HeadPeace™ is a head protector designed to reduce radiation exposure in the upper section of your head. Read more

Art no: PHP1025S, PHP1025M or PHP1025L

1X MindPeace™ (patent pending) is an extended thyroid collar designed to reduce radiation exposure of your thyroid and the lower and middle section of your head.  Read more

Art no: PMP3035S, PMP3035M or PMP3035L


Extra: Personalize your Texray PPE
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