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Medical practitioners should not need to worry about their own health while saving the lives of others. For this reason, we have invented Texray the first radiation protection textile in the world. The textile is a patented technology platform and constitutes of a woven and breathable material with attenuating capacity and protects the user from harmful radiation. Due to the inherent structure of Texray, it is possible to meet the need of more durable radiation protection garments, improving the ergonomic parameters such as anthropometrics, biomechanics, water vapor transport and thermal sensation, as compared competitive products.

Vision and Mission

The benefits of X-ray guided interventions are immense and new products are continuously being introduced. For patients, it means procedures that are less invasive. For society, it means reduced healthcare costs due to shorter recovery time. However - for medical practitioners, it means increased exposure to potentially harmful radiation.

Having the best possible working environment is crucial in order to perform first-class surgery. So Mrs Apell and Mr Gellerstedt decided to address this disparity. With more than 40 years of collective experiences in developing and distributing innovative products to the life science and healthcare sectors, they approached the challenge with open minds. The first mission became clear: it was to develop a textile for radiation protection that would create peace of mind in the operating room.

Team Texray

Petra Apell

Founder & VP Business Development
Broad based experiences in life sciences with start-ups, SMEs and global corporates Johnson & Johnson, XVIVO Perfusion, Mentice and Ortoma.

Fredrik Gellerstedt

 Founder & CEO
Extensive experience in product, business development with Mölnlycke Healthcare, SCA Hygiene Products and Södra Skogsägarna.

Lena Kanljung

Supply Chain Manager
Wide experience purchaser and production manager  with extensive competence in purchasing, product range, development, sourcing, quality and agreement.

Nina Offen Lantz

Chief Marketing Officer
Experienced marketing professional with demonstrated successful track-record from both global corporates and start-up industry, within MedTech, Automotive and IT.

Board Members

Staffan Kuuse

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Camilla Lindén

Highly experienced in Economy, Manufacturing and Supply chain within MedTech from Mölnlycke Healthcare and currently at Handicare.


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