MindPeace (patent pending) is an extended thyroid collar designed to reduce radiation exposure of your thyroid and your head’s lower and middle section.

MindPeace is personal protection equipment (PPE) intended to reduce cranial exposure to ionizing radiation for medical practitioners during clinical interventions. MindPeace has a unique design (patent pending) and minimizes radiation exposure of the thyroid as well as the lower and middle section of the head.¹⁴¹⁵¹⁶

The collar is to be worn as a traditional thyroid collar – around the neck, and should be fitted so your head can freely move up and down within the extended collar panel without touching it.  The design of Mindpeace is ergonomic, comfortable, and facilitates long-term performance without jeopardizing safety.

Technical data
MindPeace is manufactured out of Texray, a patented technology platform, and constitutes a woven and breathable textile with attenuating capacity and protects the user from harmful radiation. The textile allows vapor transport due to the properties of Texray. The CE mark shows that MindPeace meets personal protection equipment’s (PPE) essential safety and performance requirements. MindPeace 0.35 mm Pb complies with IEC 61331:2014 and is certified by EU Regulation 2016/425.

Several studies have been performed to evaluate the ability of MindPeace to reduce radiation doses to the operator’s head in routine clinical interventions.¹⁴


Protect your head, brain & neck


Keeps you cooler


Up to 97% additional protection

Up to 97% additional protection


  • Radiation doses may be reduced by 95-97% during fluoroscopy-assisted interventions.¹⁴

  • Reduces your radiation exposure to the lower and middle section of your head. ¹⁴¹⁵¹⁶

  • May reduce scatter radiation towards your eyes.¹⁷²²

  • Proven for its functionality and usability in clinical environments.

  • Unique extended neck panel protection (Patent pending).

  • 30 times more durable compared to other materials, preventing prematurely, unsafe tears.²⁰

  • Pliable and comfortable towards your skin with a soft touch fabric feel.

  • Lead-free material eliminating highly toxic lead dust exposure with irreversible health effects on vital organs.²¹

  • To meet hygienic requirements outer material is made from high quality textile, enabling breathability and cleaning.

  • Lead equivalence: 0,35mm Pb, total product weight: from 480 grams.

  • Adjustable for perfect fit and compatible with eye-lead glasses. MindPeace comes with magnetic closure.