Texray constantly strives to improve and develop products to achieve the highest possible level of safety in terms of radiation protection for staff in the OR environment. High security requires the right product to solve the right problem. Proper use according to the product “Instruction for use” insert is important for utilizing the product’s properties.

To our knowledge, the products we offer and describe as personal radiation protection equipment function as we intend and shall reduce radiation exposure to staff. Nevertheless, Texray AB/Texray Inc. does not provide any guarantee that would mean that our products can prevent all kinds of injuries or illnesses that could be linked to radiation exposure for each and every product user, since each individual is unique and it is impossible to foresee all kind of physical or mental impact that may occur.

It is most important to underline that personal radiation protection products can only support but never replace the human common sense and good judgment when it comes to personal radiation protection.
It is not possible for Texray AB/Texray Inc. to warn the user of any conceivable and unknown danger in connection with the use of the products.

For any other concerns please contact our HQ & RnD office.