Published in the European Journal of Radiology, 2021

Staff radiation protection using a novel two-component head and neck protection in interventional radiology.

Bärenfänger, F., Walbersloh, J., El Mouden R., Goerg, F., Block, A., Rohde, S., Clinical evaluation of a novel head protection system for interventional radiologists. European Journal of Radiology 2022:147.


The dose exposure in the head area of medical practitioners during interventional radiology procedures was quantified using thermoluminescence detectors which were calibrated to Hp(3). In addition, the protective effect of the Texray products was examined.


The study carried out showed a significant dose exposure of the head area with dose values of up to 4.4 mSv after only 20 examinations. The protective effect of HeadPeace and MindPeace was determined by evaluating the relative transmission depending on the dosimeter position. In neuroradiological interventions, the mean attenuation by the HeadPeace was (90.3 ± 3.6)% and by the MindPeace (96.7 ± 0.5)%. In general radiological interventions, a mean attenuation of (75.5 ± 7.5)% on HeadPeace and of (95.5 ± 0.6)% on MindPeace was found.


The attenuation efficiency ranged from 75.5-96.7% depending on the product and operational area. From a radiation safety perspective, wearing HeadPeace and MindPeace is recommended during fluoroscopy-assisted interventions.

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