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Texray - the only radiation protection textile in the world

Texray has developed and patented the first radiation protection textile to address the need for comfortable personal protection equipment (PPE). It is currently used in products designed for medical practitioners using X-ray in surgical interventions. Our products are compatible with lead aprons, lead glasses and radiation suits available on the market.
Texray may also provide value for professionals in various other industry sectors, including aeronautics, first response, veterinary medicine, and dental.

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Scientific data

Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Texray performed in 2019 a phantom study to measure the reduction of radiation exposure of Texray products combined.

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"I believe these novel shields are a great innovation for extended protection and optimized comfort... 

Dr. Schmidt, University Hospital Leipzig, Germany

...I find it personally very important to minimize my radiation exposure during endovascular procedures, for my own safety and health"

Dr. Schmidt, University Hospital Leipzig, Germany

”Radiation protection is a very important topic, which I think we as clinicians should discuss more... 

Dr. Kearney, Cork University Hospital, Ireland

...By using novel Texray guards such as these we can increase radiation protection towards our head and neck during clinical procedures.”

Dr. Kearney, Cork University Hospital, Ireland

”Texray Innovative protectors, are highly appreciated. I will continue doing advanced image-guided surgical procedures for many years, so radiation is definitely a relevant issue for me and my colleagues.”

Prof Schmitto, Hannover Medical University, Germany

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