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BIOTRONIK and Texray establish collaboration to distribute Texray’s innovative radiation protection products for healthcare professionals.

Texray, the pioneering developer of a groundbreaking radiation protection textile, proudly announces a multinational distribution partnership with BIOTRONIK, a leading global medical technology company specializing in innovative cardiovascular and endovascular solutions. In this collaboration BIOTRONIK will distribute Texray’s head and neck protectors starting in selected European and Middle Eastern countries and raise awareness about the critical importance of radiation protection for healthcare professionals, who serve in environments where radiation exposure is an inherent occupational risk.

“BIOTRONIK, with its legacy in providing radiation protection solutions since 2011, has recognized the value of Texray’s innovations. Our cutting-edge innovations will now be accessible for healthcare professionals through the experienced BIOTRONIK clinical and sales forces around the globe. We are excited about having this opportunity with a partner such as BIOTRONIK, who shares our vision of improving occupational safety for the ones who save the lives of others,” says Mrs. Petra Apell, Founder and CEO of Texray.

Proprietary High-Quality Material

Texray’s protective products feature a patented technological textile platform. This technology allows for designs that fulfill the demand for more functional and comfortable radiation protection products. The garments enhance ergonomic parameters, and exhibit improved durability compared to the traditional “rubber-sheet” garments.

Innovative Swedish Design

Texray offers two types of radiation protective products: HeadPeace, a comfortable headband to reduce radiation in the upper section of the head, and MindPeace, a uniquely designed thyroid collar with an extended panel to reduce radiation in the lower and middle section of the head (Larsson et al., 2023).¹⁴ Combined, these products reduce radiation dose to the neck and head by up to 97% compared to using only a standard thyroid collar (Bärenfänger et al., 2022).¹⁵

“Texray’s radiation protective textiles complement BIOTRONIK’s product portfolio, enhancing our ability to offer customers comprehensive protection solutions. We are delighted to expand our offerings, ensuring that healthcare professionals have a range of radiation protection options to support their safety in their daily work,” says John Brumfield, Global Vice President Marketing CRM at BIOTRONIK.

About Texray

Texray develops the world’s only radiation protection textile, addressing the need for comfortable and functional personal protective equipment. The patented Texray material is presently utilized in products designed for healthcare professionals exposed to radiation during medical interventions. The Texray technology platform applies to various industries, including nuclear, aviation, and space.

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