Texray AB | Gothenburg, Sweden | November 10, 2022 |

Texray, the inventor of the revolutionary radiation protection textile, today announces an agreement with BIOTRONIK, a leading medical device company for innovative cardiovascular and endovascular solutions, to distribute Texray products in the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Norway and Iceland).

Texray head and neck protectors are used in many hospitals around the world. The collaboration with BIOTRONIK will accelerate the distribution of Texray’s innovative solutions and in addition raise awareness about occupational safety.

“BIOTRONIK and Texray share the vision of providing high-quality innovations that can improve occupational safety of health workers by reducing radiation as much as possible. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that our unique head and neck protectors now will become available through BIOTRONIK´s experienced clinical and sales specialists”, says Founder and CEO of Texray Mrs. Petra Apell.

Clinical assessment, performed by radiologists and radiation physicists in Germany, has shown that Texray head and neck protectors (patent pending) can reduce radiation doses by up to 97%1 compared to when using standard shielding products available on the market. BIOTRONIK has a record of providing radiation protection solutions since 2011, offering weightless radiation protection systems for physicians and their assistants.

“BIOTRONIK has been offering radiation protection solutions for many years to better protect healthcare staff from occupational risks related to radiation exposure and orthopedic strains. When we came across Texray head and neck protectors, we immediately realized the added value they can provide in combination with our existing product portfolio” says Mr. Roberto Belke, Vice President Mature Markets, CENEMEA Region, BIOTRONIK.

About Texray

Texray develops the only radiation protection textile in the world to address the need for comfortable and functional personal protection equipment. The patented Texray material is currently used in products designed for healthcare professionals exposed to X-ray during medical interventions.

Texray products are also available through independent distributors in the Balkan region, Canada, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. The patented technology platform can also be applied to other industry sectors, including nuclear, aviation and space.

References: 1. Bärenfänger, F., Walbersloh, J., El Mouden R., Goerg, F., Block, A., Rohde, S., Clinical evaluation of a novel head protection system for interventional radiologists. European Journal of Radiology 2022:147.