Texray AB | Gothenburg, Sweden | June 10, 2020 |

LINC (Leipzig interventional course) is a live course for different medical specialities that perform endovasular interventions and attracts around 5 000 vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, angiologists and cardiologists from all over the world. During the annual event, LINC promoted a”ProtectYourBrain” campaign in order to increase the awareness of personal protection equipment (PPE).

”As an international congress organizer, I wanted our delegates to get the opportunity of getting access to these innovative products for personal protection.Therefore, we provided LINC 2020 specialedition of HeadPeace and MindPeace during this year’s event”, says Professor Dierk Scheinert.

”There is a lot of scatter radiation towards our brains. With this extended collar, head protector and eye-glasses we can reduce radiation coming from oblique below. I think these innovative shields are a very nice idea to reduce radiation, not really weighing as much as the helmets”, says Dr Andrej Schmidt, Leipzig university hospital, Germany.

In clinical endovascular interventions, medical practitioners are subjected to relatively high X-ray exposure. Lead shields and personal protection equipment (PPE) are routinely used, but they are sometimes difficult to position, resulting in potentially high brain doses. HeadPeace is a head protector covering the upper section of the head and MindPeace is a novel thyroid collar specifically designed and developed to minimize radiation exposure towards the middle and lower sections of the head (patent pending,10MD, Sweden).

”The amount of attention the LINC organizers gave to our products throughout the event not only confirms the customers needs for innovative PPE, but also shows how eager the medical community is to improving their working environment”, says Mrs Petra Apell, one of the inventors of and founders of Texray.

About Texray

Ten Medical Design AB (10MD) is a technology company committed to improving the working environment for professionals. 10MD has developed the world’s first radiation protection textile – Texray. The Textile enables a design of ergonomic and more comfortable personal protection equipment. 10MD has been granted patents in the USA, EU, Japan, Russia and Australia for the Texray material platform.