Texray AB | Gothenburg, Sweden | September 1, 2014 |

Mr. Leif Brodén, a visionary entrepreneur and well respected business leader, has chosen 10MD as his next adventure. Mr Brodén was recently elected Chairman of the Board for 10MD.

“10MD is an exciting company with excellent opportunities and I look forward being part of our future,” says Mr, Leif Brodén.

Mr Leif Brodén has a University degree in International Finance and an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. After eight years as President for Södra Skogsägarna, the largest forest-owner association in Sweden, Mr Brodén left his position to continue developing his passion for start-ups and environmental issues. Mr Brodén was recently selected to be part of a newly established global think-tank for sustainability including global key opinion leaders from academia and industry.

“Leif has a unique network, competency and experience from the textile industry and we are truly happy to have him on board,” says Mrs Petra Apell, one of the founders of 10MD.