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Prof. Jim A. Reekers hosts Texray radiation protection short talk at CIRSE Congress 2022

The annual CIRSE congress is just around the corner, and from September 10 until 14, Texray will be joining onsite in Barcelona, Spain For more than 35 years, the CIRSE annual congress has provided the world’s premier platform for specialists in minimally invasive image-guided procedures to meet, share and connect. At Texray, we are proud to participate in such an important congress for the medical community and yet again to be part of the Radiation Protection Pavilion as an exhibitor and part of the educational short-talk sessions.

The Fear of Radiation

This year Texray will bring something extra to the table, and we are thrilled to have received the acceptance from Prof Jim A. Reekers, MD, PhD, EBIR, FCIRSE from Amsterdam/NL to perform a short talk on behalf of Texray.

Jim A. Reekers is professor emeritus of radiology at Amsterdam Medical Center and is one of the early leaders and pioneers in interventional radiology. In addition to being a well-respected inventor of many devices, he is also well-known for his focus on evidence-based medicine. Next to his academic work, Prof. Reekers has served as President of CIRSE and the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS), during which time he initiated the European Curriculum and Examination, which are now standards in the field. With Prof. Reeker’s pioneering and straightforward approach, his session – is a must-see, don’t miss!

 “To evolve, we continuously need to move forward, and as a former president of CIRSE, I am inspired to continue developing the field of interventional radiology through education and training. Not only about new medical treatments but also about occupational safety. Although the scientific evidence for a potential correlation between radiation-induced diseases and the radiation doses that doctors are exposed to can be questioned, I think we as doctors and researchers should ask ourselves – does this mean that the risks should be questioned? What is true today may not be true tomorrow.” says Prof. Reekers.

The learning objectives of Prof. Reekers short talk about radiation safety during the CIRSE congress:

  • To learn that radiation protection is an attitude
  • To learn that radiation protection is a personal responsibility
  • To learn that head and neck protection is very important
  • To learn that there is nothing like too much protection

Short talk time: RPP 604 – The Fear of Radiation
Time (CEST): 13:00 – 13:15
Date: Monday, September 12
Presenter: Prof Jim A. Reekers, MD, PhD, EBIR, FCIRSE, Amsterdam/NL


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📸 Prof. Jim A. Reekers. Photo credit: Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.