Texray AB | Gothenburg, Sweden | April 28, 2022 |

RSK Medical to distribute Texray Radiation Protection Equipment in Canada.

Texray is pleased to announce a new nationwide distribution agreement for Canada with RSK Medical Inc.

RSK Medical Inc. brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, progressive learning, and keen responsiveness as a medical device supplier in Canada. They aim to provide innovative and disruptive medical device technologies to the Canadian clinical community, which entirely aligns with the mission of Texray: to develop innovative occupational radiation protection equipment for surgical staff exposed to ionizing radiation during fluoroscopic-guided interventions.

“It is a pleasure to announce our distribution partner for Canada, RSK Medical, and we welcome Scott Kadwell and his Team into the world of Texray. The RSK Medical Team has vast experience in Canada’s medical sales and distribution market and will be a great asset to Texray’s International distributor network. We are looking forward to a successful partnership,” says Ulf Rennstam, Global Sales Director at Texray.

The distribution agreement is effective as per Monday 25 of April 2022, and products from Texray will be instantly available to the entire Canadian market through RSK Medical Inc. based in Markham, Ontario.

“RSK Medical Inc. looks forward to this partnership with Texray to bring differentiated radiation protection equipment to enhance the safety of the many interventionalists and support staff across Canada,” says Scott Kadwell, President at RSK Medical Inc.

About Texray

Texray develops the only radiation protection textile in the world to address the need for comfortable and functional personal protection equipment Currently used in products designed for healthcare professionals exposed to X-ray radiation in surgical interventions. The Texray material may also provide value for professionals in various industry sectors, including nuclear/first response and aeronautics/space.