Texray AB | Gothenburg, Sweden | May 31, 2022 |

Medcor distributes Texray radiation protection equipment in Spain

Texray is pleased to announce a new nationwide distribution agreement for Spain with Medcor.

Medcor is a distribution company with the main objective to offer an excellent service and provide both public and private hospitals and health professionals with the most innovative techniques and devices that allow greater efficiency in their daily surgical activity, providing greater safety and benefits for the patient.

“It is a pleasure to announce our distribution partner MedCor for Spain and we are very excited to have Carlos Orts and his Team to join the world of Texray. The MedCor team with their extensive knowledge, commitment to innovation and providing their market with new technology – will be a great asset to Texray’s International distributor network. We are happy to welcome them onboard,” says Ulf Rennstam, Global Sales Director at Texray.

“Medcor, in its constant search for excellence and being able to offer healthcare professionals the best protection measures for both their patients and their physicians. We are pleased to announce the introduction and distribution in Spain of the exclusive protectors for your neck, chin and head with MindPeace and HeadPeace, which significantly reduce the scatter radiation, which may cause brain tumors and long-term vision problems for physicians. These products are additional and essential compliments to radiation protection equipment already on the market and are only available through the manufacturer Texray,” says Carlos Orts, President & CEO at Medcor.

Texray will be available to the Spanish market starting from June 1st 2022.


About Texray

Texray has developed and patented the only radiation protection textile in the world to address the need for comfortable and functional personal protection equipment Currently used in products designed for healthcare professionals exposed to X-ray radiation in surgical interventions. The Texray material may also provide value for professionals in various industry sectors, including nuclear/first response and aeronautics/space.