Texray AB | Gothenburg, Sweden | November 21, 2019 |

Heartlive is the annual congress for interventional heart medicine within the German Cardiac Society. It is designed and organized by universities, hospitals and established physicans. It is a well-attended meeting with a high number of live cases and many didactically prepared cases. Congress attendees had the opportunity to test HeadPeace and sign up for the new product, MindPeace (patent pending, 10MD, Sweden), as soon it will become available on the European market.

“I like your scientific approach,” said a senior German angiologist. “When you can present this data, you will become a huge success in Germany. No question about that.”

“We are about to establish projects with strategic partners in Germany, and Heart-live provided us with an opportunity to connect with key players in the field of cardiology. The interest for MindPeace is very promising,” says Petra Apell, one of the founders of 10MD.

Ten Medical Design AB (10MD) is a technology company committed to improving the working environment for professionals. 10MD has developed the world’s first radiation protection textile – TeXray. TeXray enables the design of ergonomic and more comfortable personal protection equipment. 10MD was recently granted patents in the USA, EU, Japan, Russia and Australia for the TeXray material platform.