Texray AB | Gothenburg, Sweden | April 1, 2022 |

Come try-out Texray revolutionary radiation protection garments at the Swedish Cardiovascular Spring meeting in Malmö.

On April 6th-8th, Texray will join approximately a 1000 medical practitioners, researchers and more than 70 industry partners for the interprofessional program at Malmö Live, touching on important issues in different parts of cardiovascular medicine.

Well established is that during fluoroscopy assisted interventions, medical practitioners are subjected to relatively high radiation exposure.1In order to meet the growing need for more functional radiation protection equipment for surgical teams,2 we have invented revolutionizing radiation protection garments that may reduce scattered radiation dose towards the head and neck by up to additional 97%.3

Take the opportunity to meet us at the Texray booth (no. 24), where we offer you a personal fitting of our Swedish designed and patented radiation protection products HeadPeace and MindPeace (the extended thyroid collar).  We look forward seeing you and to answer questions you might have on radiations protection in the OR.

To prebook your meeting with Texray we welcome you to contact Mr. Ulf Rennstam

1. Vano E., Occupational radiation protection of health workers in imaging. Radiation Prot Dosimetry. 2015 Apr;164(1-2):126-9. doi: 10.1093/rpd/ncu354. 2. Bjersgård A., En studie på strålskyddskläder, dess användning och användarnas rörelsemönster med ett ergonomiskt perspektiv. Centre for Health Technology Halland (HCH), Halmstad University, Sweden, 2015 3. Bärenfänger, F., Walbersloh, J., El Mouden R., Goerg, F., Block, A., Rohde, S., Clinical evaluation of a novel head protection system for interventional radiologists. European Journal of Radiology 2022:147.