Texray AB | Gothenburg, Sweden | July 7, 2022 |

The Texray patent is global and valid for multiple verticals. But what does it really mean?

Texray has developed the only radiation protection textile in the world. To break that down, It really means – that no other textile like ours with attenuating capabilities exists. And how do we know that? Well, that’s when our global patent comes in place.

“Having a solid IP foundation is key for small companies working on the global market. The Texray patent on the first radiation protection textile has taken a broad approach for its technology addressing the whole ionizing radiation protection market,” says Linus Byström, patent attorney at Linecto(and former Head of IP at Nobel Biocare). He continues, “Any granted patent must fulfill three main criteria: Novelty, Inventiveness, and Industrial application. By the granted patents, the Texray solution has shown to be truly inventive, totally new to the market, and possible to manufacture for various industrial applications”.

The Texray patent is today granted in Europe (Sweden, Germany, France, Ireland, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Turkey), Australia, Japan, Russia, and the USA. Not only is the textile innovation granted in these continents, but the patent also covers the ability to provide protection and shielding for any ionizing radiation, including both X-ray and the gamma range.

Again, what does this mean? X-rays and gamma rays are different types of radiation but have the same basic properties. The main dissimilarity is that they come from different parts of the atom; X-rays are photons emitted from processes outside the nucleus, whereas gamma rays originate inside the nucleus (neutrons, protons, and electrons). Gamma rays cause more harm to the human body than the X- rays, but both exist in industry verticals such as the healthcare/medical sector (X-ray and Gamma), nuclear (Gamma), and aero/space industry (Gamma).

”When writing the Texray patent, we emphasized the broader range of possible applications to create opportunities for other manufacturing techniques and wider usage of the invention. The Texray material comprises an attenuating textile having layers of filaments organized in a regular pattern. The attenuating textile attributes water vapor permeability and durability while also being suitable for comfortable product design where sewing possibilities are without breakage”, says Fredrik Gellerstedt, CTO at Texray.
“Texray has extensive experience in patent management, which also is proven by our two new patent applications that are in process for the grant, in fruitful cooperation with our patent attorney, Linus Byström at Linecto,” he continues.

In reality, this means we will, in the future, be able to improve the work environment for millions and millions of professionals working in all of the verticals mentioned above. We aim to provide protective equipment so all may feel unparalleled safe when working in an environment where they are exposed to ionizing radiation. 🟡

To find out more about Texrays current product portfolio, for medical practitioners read our section for “Protect your brain”. We have two products which of one has a pending patent: MindPeace. The unique design in combination with the core textile material enables medical practitioners in the OR to reduce scattered radiation towards their neck and brain with additional 97% (up to) according to recent clinical studies published in the European Journal of Radiology (2022).

Texrays products are also available for purchase with local distributors and online in our webshop.